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ΕΛΛΑΣ: Working to bring about the changeover with political

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Příspěvekod Chrislar » 20.02.2014, 05:53

Dear Cool Czech people

This letter is a call for aid. To all members of the Zeitgeist Movement who wish to do more to bring about the changeover. The time for only advocating is done, it must now be supplemented with action. ELLAS is designed to bring about the changeover by political means. With legislation and reforms we will orientate the current infrastructure to facilitate the development of a Resource Based Economy as well as reorientate the current political system to a Central Database system. Do the same in your nations.

To bring about the changeover we can no longer ignore a tool, a most important tool, the current political system. With the political system our views and our goals will enter into the public debate, and no longer only with us who are already geared towards the Venus Project. If you want an agriculture system that provides freely to all then draw up a bill to design it. Once that is done, argue it openly publicly. Show its necessity. Show its honorbility. And most importantly show its feasibility. If you feel that your education system is failing your children than do the same thing. Draw up the bill that designs a new education system. Once that is done, again argue it openly publicly, show its necessity, honorbility and again feasibility. Do this with any and all systems.

This is what ELLAS is designed to do. We have already started with many legislations for reform. Although we need aid and collaboration. Greek local elections will be held in a few months. We must be ready. If you wish to see the mission statement, legislations and political philosophies of ELLAS contact me at And I will send you everything we've come up with so far.

We can no longer wait for institutions of power that have endured for centuries to die from neglect. We must be proactive.

Christopher Larson

This is a 'thingy' that I wrote expressing why I feel that the political option is a valid one.

Politics is often confused to be governance. Power is linked to both but used differently, since the source of the power is different. Politics is in everything. Politics just isn't for deciding how a state will run. All kinds of relationships is conducted politically. So therefor when people say that they are not interested in politics or don't want to take part in politics, I have one of my WTF moments. I say that you may not be interested in air but you need it and use it. You may not want to take part in politics but you do so anyway, everyday.

Politics, when it is linked to governance, or to who will be governed and who will govern is more akin to warfare. It has multiple weapons and tactics. It has officers and foot soldiers. It has clandestine organizations and contractors. It has diplomats as well. Most are interchangeable with individuals playing multiple parts.

Power is just the ability to make others act in a way that is different from their nature. Within politics the main source of power is threat. Threat from pain, fear, confinement, many things. Politicians threaten each other all the time. Image assassination, the taking away of power/s, even imprisonment is common themes in state institutions. Illusion is also a weapon of power that is wielded, a little to often for my tastes. This weapon is usually wielded by media outlets but is not limited to them alone. You can see this more blatantly when you watch the same story from different news sources. You can hear one source saying 'Today 14 people lost their lives in a drone attack aimed at a terrorist cell that got the ranking leader for the area.'. Then you can hear another saying '14 were viciously attacked and killed by American forces today to get just one man! When will this insanity stop?!' And in this you can see the problem. Both are true and accurate. One is pro and the other con. If you are for one and against the other and you listen to the other then you are struck with the FEELING of 'How dare they say such a thing!' That is the problem and beauty of our minds. We skip over WHAT the news is and pay more heed to how that the news was disseminated made us FEEL. That is why illusion is such a dangerous weapon. 

When Governors wields their power it is usually more insidious. It is usually more insidious because many of us don't know who our Governors are. Most of humanity has the general idea that those of us who are elected to our offices in political institutions are the Governors. They are not. Well, generally not, they can be but its rare. Usually those of us that we elect to office are only liaisons, nothing more. Our Governors are mostly seen at the heads of financial groups and multi-corporate entities. They are the ones of us that make and set policy and inform those that serve as liaisons in what direction and what actions the state/s will go. And inform humanity in a way that would best facilitate the means to those ends.

All governments and institutions of politics need one thing to fulfill their goals, consent. To make a clarification here, consent does not mean will. To show this point lets look at the statement, 'Someone should do something about this.'. With this one statement you can see political 'will' and 'consent'. The will part is shown because one recognizes a problem that should be changed for the better. The consent is shown because the one calling out for the change is placing the burden of change on another. If another does not carry out the change and the situation remains a constant then the person calling out for the change gives consent for things to remain the same.

What I do and what I advocate for is letting one's will effect how one gives their consent. Doing this to achieve positive changes to our Governors way of conducting their affairs is quite easy. Doing this to achieve positive changes to our Liaisons in our institutions of politics, well, not so much. So lets tackle the easy one first. Our Governors is only concerned with one thing, the transfer of wealth to their control. Nothing more or less than that. The simplest way that we can influence them is with the power of boycott and by accumulating knowledge.

With knowledge you destroy the weapon of illusion. With the boycott you limit the ability to transfer wealth. For an example; I boycott many corporations and corporate groups. With knowledge I've learned of Nestle's desire to transfer vast amounts of wealth. For me the most insidious tactic that Nestle employs is going after to control water resources around the world. I boycott Nestle for this reason, well, for many reasons but I want to keep this short. If a mass of people gained the knowledge of Nestle's actions and acted with a mass boycott then Nestle would have no choice but to change. That is a true power that we wield. However, with the weapon of illusion that Nestle wields expertly, conducting a mass boycott is difficult to begin. But not impossible.

Boycotting political institutions isn't the best. With this the best course of action if full involvement. The weapon of illusion is wielded most disgustingly here. Here the illusion is the feeling of separation. The feeling that politics is something for a few specialized personnel. Since this feeling is a product of illusion I am confident in my statement that its the opposite that is true. Anyone can, and I say that everyone SHOULD take part in political institutions. For me the most important level to get involved in is the local city counsel level. Most, that affects the individual daily life of people is conducted at this level. Don't discard your right and I say, your obligation, to be involved. If you feel that there is corruption here then go and change it. If you feel that there is a social injustice in progress, go and rectify it. If you feel that there is an area that could work better, then take the time to study it and write a bill to address it. And most importantly, if you feel that you have a higher intelligence, a higher degree of love of your fellow man then those in office now, then run for office yourself. When you do this, you bring about meaningful change. You change the nature of consent and align it closer to will.

Some think that if you get involved with a corrupt system you will be corrupted. Well, possibly. I can't say that that doesn't happen. However, I feel that you shouldn't neglect a tool. I say that the only reason the system is corrupt is because loving people leave it in the hands of the corrupt. It is just a institution, a tool. It is a reflection of the people that use it. If you wish it to work in a honorable manner then act honorably while you use it.

Much love from your brothers and sisters in Greece
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Here is my first attempt at a broadcast. I know it sucks but they'll get better I promise. And sorry for the vulgarities, I guess I had to lose my mind for a bit. I'll calm down a bit too. And if you'll like to come on and talk about all things email me at
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My second go at it. Again, it has vugarities.
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Příspěvekod Chrislar » 02.03.2014, 06:27

This is the 2nd Epi. of The Friends of Wisdom. Here I'll be revisiting the mentality of ELLAS. As always if you wish to come on and talk about ELLAS, TVP or TZM contact me at

Much love from Greece
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